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Clinical Recommendations/Protocols


JZU University clinic for cardiology
Dear coulegues!
In adition to this announcement follow two pdf documents, the first one titled:
Which consists:
Protocol for the work in the Urgent ambulance
Diagnostic procedures:
1.         Transtoracal ehocardiography
2.         Transezofagel echocardiography
3.         Holter ECG
4.         Holter for blood preasure
5.         Test of оптоварување
6.         Miocard perfusion tomoscinography
Therapeutical procedures:
1. Electrical cardioversion
The second document, titled:
Which consists:
1.          Acute miocard heart attack with perzistent ST segment elevation (стр 2-5)
2.         Arithmias and obstacles in the proceeding in the acute fase (стр 7-8)
3.         High blood preasure (стр 9-14)
4.         Valvular heart failures (стр 15-22)
5.         Adult heart failures by birth (АВСМ) (стр 23-25)
6.         Aortich disection (стр 26-28)
8.         Acute pericardit (стр 29-33)
9.         Threating of pulmonal tromboemboly (стр 34-41)
10.       Threating of acute and chronic heart weakness (стр 42-52)
11.        Precambernal fibrilation (стр 53-59)
13.       Threating of patients with permanent electrostimulator (стр 60-67)
On this way we have the goal to inform You about the way of work and the following Protocols for diagnostical-therapeutical threatments on cardiovascular diseases, which are threated on the University clinic for cardiology


Activities for year 2011 WHD

Dear colleges,
Marking the World Heart Day 2011, the Macedonian Society of Cardiology and Pharmaceutical Company Bayer HealthCare, are inviting you to participate an expert meeting on:
News In the treatment of cardiovascular diseases
The meeting will be held at the Hotel AleksandarPalas – Skopje, on 29 September 2011. (Thursday), at 13 o’clock.
– Opening of the expert meeting
– Lectures:
      1. Aortic valve reconstruction, current trends
         Lecturer: Dr.  Zan Mitrev
         Special hospital for surgical diseases “Philip II” – Skopje
      2. Coronary artery stenting or coronary artery bypass in patients with stenosis of the left   
         main or multivassel CAD
         Lecturer: Prof. Dr. Sasko Kedev

          University Clinic of Cardiology, Skopje

      3. Cardio surgery – Cardiology “wolf shall dwell with the lamb …” Isaiah 11:6
         Lecturer: DR. Salis Tadzher
         Clinical Hospital Sistina Skopje
It would be a great honor and pleasure if you attend the meeting, and thus join in celebrating the World Heart Day, which this year is held under the motto “One world, one home, one heart”:


World heart day

World Heart Day, September 29, 2011
This year’s World Heart Day, World Heart Federation and its members would like you to take special care to heart health of your family, home and be a lawyer for a healthy lifestyle at home.
Each year, 17.1 million people suffer from cardiovascular diseases (CVD), such as myocardial infarction and stroke, and 82% of deaths occur in low-and medium-developed countries. These diseases are the number one killer on the list of diseases, but most of these deaths can be prevented with a healthy diet, regular physical activity and smoking cessation.
 World leaders say that prevention and control of CVD along with other so-called non-communicable diseases (NCD) such as cancers, chronic respiratory disease and diabetes should be a real priority, so 10 days before the celebration of World Heart Day, for the first time ever; a Special Summit of The United Nations will be devoted to non-communicable diseases. This year’s motto of World Heart Day is selected as a result of great importance and responsibility for NCD, that are now a major priority in the agenda of global and local health authorities, but the responsibility for a healthy heart should certainly bear and each individual in his home.
 “One world, one home, one heart”:
Join the fight to improve heart health in every HOME WORLDWIDE!
Each year, the World Heart Federation and its members in over 100 countries worldwide are carriers of events to mark World Heart Day.
This year, on September 29, Macedonian traditional sponsor of the activities to mark this day – the pharmaceutical company Bayer, will undertake local activities in celebration of World Heart Day 2011th
With pleasure we expect to join us!