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Crossroads-The Abbott Vascular Education Network
This Executive Fellowship Program was organized in 4 moduls, during this year, and on the same one the doctors from the Laboratory for angiography on the Iniversity clinic for cardiology were a part of.
Goals of the program:
     -To give an answer to the needs of the health professionals-intervent cardiologists in deciding the coronary arthery disease.
       -To give an incoditional education with high quality.
       -To help in constructing careing doctor networks.
       -Keeping the independence of the worldly known eksperts-tutors.
       -To provide a daily available source of information and interaction.
       -To use the most modern educational technices and technologies.
       -To secure future training with a goal to improve the outcome on a patient.
Modul 1: “The Virtual PCI”
Modul 2: “The Real World of PCIs: complex cases”
Modul 3: “The Real World of PCIs: at risk cases and the essentials of medical   statistics”
Modul 4:  Cath lab
Moduls 1 and 2 were held in Brusells, meanwhile Modul 3 was held in Skopje.
In adition we have part of the presentations of these moduls, for all those who would like to have a look and to collect interesting and educational information.
Enjoy in the showings.


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