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11 - 13 May - European Day of Heart Failure


                   11 - 13 May-European Dayof Heart Failure
Macedonian Society of Cardiology this year, for the first joins the celebration of the Heart failure awerenes day.
Namely, on May 11th, starting at 14:00 pm, in The HOLIDAY Inn  Hotel,  a section dedicated to the management of patients with heart failure, designed for cardiologists, specialists in internal diseases and general practitioners will be organized.
The preceding week will be dedicated to patients with heart failure, which will be given advice on early recognition of symptoms and signs of heart failure, as well as measures and activities for self-management in patients with chronic heart failure.
Pamphlets with most important information for patients, considering the disease will be distributed to all patients that will visit cardiology clinics as outpatients.
We invite you to actively join the event by activities devoted to your patients.
The most important aim of these activities is increasing awareness for this "epidemic of the 21stcentury."
Pamphlet available  at the site is available for copying and distribution to your patients.
Pamphlet-heart failure




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