Clinical Recommendations/Protocols


JZU University clinic for cardiology
Dear coulegues!
In adition to this announcement follow two pdf documents, the first one titled:
Which consists:
Protocol for the work in the Urgent ambulance
Diagnostic procedures:
1.         Transtoracal ehocardiography
2.         Transezofagel echocardiography
3.         Holter ECG
4.         Holter for blood preasure
5.         Test of оптоварување
6.         Miocard perfusion tomoscinography
Therapeutical procedures:
1. Electrical cardioversion
The second document, titled:
Which consists:
1.          Acute miocard heart attack with perzistent ST segment elevation (стр 2-5)
2.         Arithmias and obstacles in the proceeding in the acute fase (стр 7-8)
3.         High blood preasure (стр 9-14)
4.         Valvular heart failures (стр 15-22)
5.         Adult heart failures by birth (АВСМ) (стр 23-25)
6.         Aortich disection (стр 26-28)
8.         Acute pericardit (стр 29-33)
9.         Threating of pulmonal tromboemboly (стр 34-41)
10.       Threating of acute and chronic heart weakness (стр 42-52)
11.        Precambernal fibrilation (стр 53-59)
13.       Threating of patients with permanent electrostimulator (стр 60-67)
On this way we have the goal to inform You about the way of work and the following Protocols for diagnostical-therapeutical threatments on cardiovascular diseases, which are threated on the University clinic for cardiology




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