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EUROPCR is a leading courseon intervent cardiology on an European level  and official annual meeting of the European association for percut cardiovascular interventions. This year meeting was held from 17th until the 20th of may,2011 in Paris, France.
The Macedonian Society of Cardiology had a representative introduction on this meeting, under the including of Prof. D-r Sasko Kedev - President of the MSC, in several sesions of this meeting.
Prof. D-r Sashko Kedev was a tutor of the session:
Problems on the road to coronary intervention a session dedicated to the complications that can occur during PCI, held on the 18th of May, on which he gave an introducing lecture, which you can find in adition to this text, or online,, or directly by following this link:
On the session held on the 19th of may 2011, on which the tutor was Jean Marco, the discussion was directed towards analisiss of the hybrid revascularizations, with a goal to evaluate the capacity of the interventional cardiologists and cardiosurgeons to collaborate. Prof. Kedev had his lecture on the topic: Where cardiologist and cardiac surgeons can meet: the beginning of a great future - How would I treat?
You can find it in adition to this text, or online,, or directly by folloing this link:
The big family of PCR is contained of several meaningful elements, from which EUROPCR is the most important annual meeting. The next meeting ofEUROPCR will be held from the 15th until the 18th of may, 2012 in Paris. But first two important events follow from the PCR family:
From the 16th until the 18th of october 2011 in Londonwill be held this year PCR London Valves.
While from the 12th until the 14h of january,2012 in Singapure will be held the third AsiaPCR meeting.
All the information on this events and for all the other members of the PCR family, as well as many educational materials, tutoring, case presentations, panel discutions are available all the time on the online educational platform, with free loging.
Remember! You will not be able to get a free access directly to the wanted texts on the upwritten links if you do not log in first- logging in is
Follow the link:, on that way you have the possibility to be informed on a daily basis
You can follow lectures of Prof. Sasko Kedev-President of The Macedonian Society of Cardiology in attached pdf documents


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